You are Designed for Prosperity
Connecting Your Body, Mind and Spirit Through Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a sacred form of environmental healing that can dramatically affect your health, happiness and prosperity. Feng Shui and Vastu principles have been used for centuries. Did you know that Feng Shui originated from Vastu over 7,000 years ago in India?

I use my intuitive awareness to improve and correct the flow of energy in your home or alternative healthcare business. It is essential that the energy flow is aligned correctly to support your health and success.

  • Would you like more harmony and less conflict?
  • Is clutter keeping you in the past with regrets?
  • Are you ready to reduce procrastination and become more productive?

In Vastu we believe there is a divine benevolent spirit in your living and work environment. This spirit wants your life to feel easier with more joy and laughter.

You may recognize me when I arrive. I take after my crazy Aunt. I’m the one with a small gold treasure chest in my hand. It contains my crystals, candles, yantras, incense, dowsing rods, keystones, essential oils and blessing tray.

If you resonate with this reality, then let’s raise the vibes together and celebrate the divine spirit that dwells within. Inspiration can also be found on the Theater tab above.

  • To explore the healing Vastu services that I offer, click here
  • To schedule your own Vastu residential or alternative healthcare consultation, send me an email here or call me in Seattle, at 206-708-3708.

Terms & Conditions

Consulting services are non-refundable. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please contact me with 48 hours advance notice if you can. You are welcome to reschedule if your appointment time needs to be changed. Thank you.

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